One Time Donation

Every penny helps! If you currently cannot commit to a regular donation, please consider a one off payment to support our charity.









Sponsor A Cat

If you choose a regular, monthly donation you may pick one of our kitties to sponsor! £10 a month covers one month of your chosen cat’s food, £20 pays for food and shelter, and £30 covers medical costs on top of that.

The added bonus of the cat sponsorship program is that four times a year you will receive a personally tailored update email about how your kitty is doing. 

Click here to see the list of cats without a sponsor.


PayPal Fundraiser

Vietnam Cat Welfare raises awareness for the care & compassion towards cats throughout Vietnam & houses over 80 rescue kitties. With constant calls and situations including neglect, abuse, abandonment and the cat meat trade, we are in high demand to be there for all these cats in need. VCW concentrates on promoting sterilization and vaccination, education programs, overall welfare for cats in Vietnam, including addressing the horrific cat and dog meat trade and rescue kitties continuously.