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Gratitude to Volunteers

Jack's Cat Cafe

We have established our very own Cat Cafe in Hoi An, Vietnam.  Named after our very first shelter cat Jack, we are very happy to announce Jack’s Cat Cafe is now open for business.  Please visit our page to book a time to come and visit our 60 shelter cats living in our spacious and cat-friendly environment.  Every visit helps support our hard work of helping stray cats in Vietnam.

Cat & Dog Meat Trade

We find it deplorable to even think about eating our loving and devoted pets.  But in much of Asia, the Cat & Dog meat trade is a stark reality.  Here in Vietnam, it is still very common to have family pets go missing due to abductions by meat traders.  It’s an awful reality and one we are working hard to dismantle and bring more attention to.

Our Rescues

We have rescued so many beautiful cats & kittens over the past few years.  We treasure our time with each of these animals and do everything we can to provide them with a quality of life through proper healthcare, food and of course plenty of love.  Go to our cat gallery to meet our gorgeous friends who have become a part our lives.

Found A Kitten?

We have a Cat Emergency Information Guide in English and Vietnamese.  Please view this by clicking the button below.

The Work Never Stops

Being able to help shelter homeless and abused animals is rewarding and heartbreaking simultaneously.  We love being able to save these precious animals from dire circumstances – seeing the atrocities committed can truly be devastating.


Rescuing & Housing Cats

Our main priority is to help stray animals find loving homes.

Providing Medical Treatment

Often rescue animals need urgent medical attention.  We provide care and veterinary treatment.

Love & Affection

Our shelter is spacious and catered to cat habitats.  Our staff & amazing volunteers look after these pampered beauties 7 days a week!

How can you help us?

Sponsor A Cat

Providing food for a kitten or cat is as cheap as $5 per month.  Every little contribution helps us be able to do our work here, so please feel free to find a kitty that you would like to become a sponsor parent.

Support The Cause

We rent the building for the kitty shelter and rely on donations to keep up with the bills. We always have many ongoing projects and the shelter constantly needs cleaning and maintenance. Every little contribution helps us be able to do our work here.

Help Fundraise

Want to help from home? Why not start your own fundraiser to help the rescue kitties of Vietnam. You can contact us for guidance and support to begin your own amazing fundraising event.