Our Organisation

Raising awareness for the care and compassion towards cats throughout Vietnam.

Helping Animals

With constant calls and situations including neglect, abuse, abandonment, and the cat meat trade, we are in high demand to be there for all these cats and other animals in need.

Providing Treatment

VCW offers care and medical aid, education, awareness and promotes sterilization and vaccination for kitties and all animals.

Finding Homes

VCW not only houses rescue cats but also encourages a foster and adoption program so all animals get the best care, safety and loving home they rightly deserve.

Ongoing Help

VCW has many other projects ongoing, such as education programs for understanding cat behaviour, general care and overall welfare for cats and all animals’ rights in Vietnam, including addressing the horrific cat and dog meat trade.

Our Story

We started rescuing abused and abandoned cats in 2009.  We provide medical treatment, shelter, and attempt to find good homes for every animal.  Our goals are both reactive and proactive; we wish to educate people on how to help animals here and end animal cruelty in Vietnam.  We look after as many animals as we can and rely on our amazing volunteers, supporters and the generous people who re-home these precious animals to help.

Vietnam Cat Welfare is a UK registered charity # 1165729

One late night, I was about to climb onto our motorbike in a parking area when I heard this screechy ‘meow, meow’. I turned around and this scruffy little kitten came running up to us. I knelt down and this little thing climbed onto my lap and started purring. I looked around and no one was caring for him, he was a skinny, dirty thing and I knew I couldn’t leave him there.  So quite happily he sat on my lap as we drove home, with no fear or wonder as he went on his first motorbike ride.

I woke the next morning to the same screeching and instantly thought “oh no there’s a cat in the kitchen! I can’t take on a cat, I already have two dogs!’. But there he was and as lovable as he had been the night before, we knew he would fit in quite happily. We fed him and he grew into quite a beauty, every night snuggling his nose into my ear, his favourite sleeping position, where his snores would help me sleep.

It was around Tet near year time and I came home to the sight of a very big, tabby boy sitting on our wall. I went into my home to a very strange acting Jack. It was that instant I thought, wow Jack isn’t a he but a she! And in heat! It was very early for her to be in heat as I did some checking but thought maybe she was older than I first thought. My basic knowledge of cats back then didn’t think to check. I locked her in the house and rang the local vet but he was in his home town for the new year and wouldn’t be back for a while. No worries I thought, I’ll lock her in the house until we can get her spayed when the vet returns. The next night she escaped from a ridiculously high tiny hole in a grated window. We didn’t see her for two days. When she finally came home, we were extremely relieved and locked her in a safe room until she could get checked out. But too late. Our little Jack was pregnant.


9 weeks later she gave birth to 5 babies in my suitcase. We sat with her and helped her through as after the third she was so tired. But she had five very healthy babies. She was the best mama, only leaving to go out to the toilet or give us cuddles. The five babies grew. Then after two weeks, Jack didn’t come home.

After a few hours, we got worried and searched and searched. We even look her babies to the front yard hoping she would hear their hungry cries. But nothing. Someone nearby mentioned cat catchers but I naively thought nothing of it. For a week we searched day and night for her.

There was no trace. With five hungry two week babies, we had no support and had to learn how to raise them ourselves. We made the safest milk concoction of baby’s milk, cow milk, egg yolk and a little oil in the smallest baby bottles we could find. Every few hours we would take turns and feed them. Miraculously they all survived and turned into five playful young kittens.

Because we missed jack so much and had devoted so much to the kittens we couldn’t bear to give them away. We became so attached and decided we would keep them all. Everyone thought we were mad then!

After a month or so, a little ginger kitten, filthy and skinny started hanging out by our house.

We brought him in and the other kittens just accepted him as one of the family. By this time we had lost one kitten, Teppi, to a motorbike accident as we lived on the main road. Totally devastated, we kept them inside and only let them in the garden area until we could find a better house off the main road.

Not long into our new house, in the middle of the night, we heard crying from the front garage. A little tabby kitten with a curled up tail and abscess under its leg was hiding under a motorbike. Rocky became another member of the crew, and the stories continue. Next was Indie we found disabled and scared to death trapped in a bar toilet. And the rescues continued, people started calling me and we seemed to be naturally drawn to finding helpless kittens in need.

So this all started with Jack. We learned everything from her, from rescuing a kitten, to understanding sterilization, to rearing babies and the hardest part acknowledging cat theft for the cat meat trade. We know this is what happened to her and it breaks our hearts. So we want to educate others. We want to teach people cats aren’t dirty but a loving part of the family. We want to educate about everyday care and awareness.

For her, we named the first cat café in Central Vietnam, Jack’s Cat Café.



Founder and Director

Emma hails from Essex in the UK and moved to Vietnam in 2008 where she met her husband Phong and her passion and determination began their plight to help animals in Vietnam.



Phong, a street and commercial photographer born and raised in Tuy Hoa, moved to Hoi An in 2008 with his wife, Emma and passion for helping all animals in need.
Boomer & Ruby

Boomer & Ruby

Mama Cats

Sisters, best friends and resident mum ‘cats’ of all the kitties. They adore and look after all the rescues.