This little one was found on the streets unable to move crawling in ants by a Vietnamese tourist. He brought him straight to us, I didn’t think he would survive the journey back to the cat home but he did. Straight away we got some fluids in him and he perked up with food, only then we realized he was quite feral and terrified of us. But strangely whenever he was in my lap or hands he calmed. We didn’t want to stress him but had to give him a quick baby wipe flea bath as absolutely crawling with fleas and ants and swarming all over his body and face. He fell asleep cuddled to the hot water bottle and much perkier this morning, but won’t eat much. Now we have to figure out if he has some illness to try and get him to pull through. We will continue to syringe feed him water and gets some nutrients in him. Fingers crossed for this little one!